Roimata toroa the tears of the albatross, the pattern speaks to the misadventures of those who try to take shortcuts.


Te Pōpapakina and Te Aopapakina are the dark and the light beyond, this pou whenua was filmed during the day across the road from the light boxes on Courtenay Place. Located within The Rongoā Teahouse an accompaniment to the Community Rongoā Forest established this year.  The camera faced the trees that are planted between the light boxes; the people, traffic and energetic activities of Te Aro are recorded over time. During filming vaccination passports were created as the city went to orange due to covid while the lens is watching through the window, a demonstration march walked past.  

\\\ MARAMATAKA | Mauri

Filmed during the Mauri cycle of the maramataka it was considered to be not a productive - food was scarce, and the fish restless.