Inspired by the Roimata tears pattern in vertical rows on a tukutuku panel. 


Te Pōkiroto and Te Aokiroto are the darkness and the light within, this pou whenua was filmed during the day in search of Kūmutoto awa also another ancestral taonga, abundant with kai. Kūmutoto was also a thriving Pā site. 

The awa now runs below the city streets and the artwork of artist Kedron Parker acknowledges the presence of the awa through sound played in the Woodward Street pedestrian tunnel. 

The pou whenua carries the digital weaving filmed while walking through the tunnel acknowledging the darkness of the pipes the once great awa now runs through and the light of hope held within the sounds of the natural landscape audio by Kendron Parker.


At the time of filming this work the city was again filled with flags and police men as it was the beginning of the occupation of Pipitea. Mana whenua and iwi throughout Aotearoa acknowledged the importance of the tapu sacredness within the whenua, awa and moana. This pou whenua honours unity kotahitanga and manākitanga.


Filmed during the Atua whakahaehae cycle of the maramataka it was not a good day for planting or fishing.